All About Airsoft Guns

The beautiful old country that is the UK has been gradually restricting firearm ownership for well over a hundred years. It is still possible to own single shotshell guns and rifles for sporting purposes, but it is hard to buy firearms that repeat or have any sizable magazine capacity. Even police officers need permission to carry a pistol. That said, it is still quite easy to obtain a compressed air gun for sport and pest control.

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There are still limitations to how powerful an air pistol or rifle can be, and it is easier to obtain an air rifle than a pistol simply because the pistol is easier to conceal and can be mistaken for a firearm. If an air rifle has to much pressure, then it can be classified as a firearm. As a result, only a limited selection of pellet guns are sold.

For someone wanting to get into sport shooting, air guns are still the best way to do it while in the UK. There are fewer fees and licenses involved, although a minimum age applies and practice is preferably done in the countryside. The advantage of a compressed air rifle is that it is fairly silent and pellets are inexpensive. It is a great way to learn to shoot to a high degree of accuracy without alarming neighbors.

Pellet rifles have low recoil, with much of the recoil caused by the movement of a spring or piston. The bright side is that it is possible to shoot more accurately because of the reduced recoil. The disadvantage is that pellets have low inertia because of their reduced mass and are more susceptible to veering off-center because of passing through air.

The correct use of an air riffle is generally to aim for the head or chest of a small pest or game animal. Since pellets have limited impact and penetrating power, the best hunting technique is a head shot if the hunter is sufficiently accurate. Air rifles that are more powerful and use a heavier pellet are known to be capable of killing swine with very accurate headshots, but these air riffles are regulated in the UK.

As the result, most animals targeted with pellet guns tend to be either rabbits or small birds. Rats might also be killed with pellets, although their secretive and nocturnal nature, as well as association with filth, means that few hunters are interested in them. European rabbits are an ideal quarry because they are both pests and attractive to eat. Pidgeons are another favorite because they have more breast meat than blackbirds.

Although the pellet gun is the easiest way to get into target hunting for sportspeople in the UK, it cannot be underemphasized the skill required to yield killing shots. It is much easier to kill small animals with shot than with air rifle pellets. Skilled hunters often practice for many hours and fire thousands of pellets at a stationary target in order to become accurate enough to squarely hit small game at any distance.